Making Democracy Work

Board Members

To contact any of the Board members listed below, please email our League at:, or call us at 417-501-6067, and we will be sure to forward your message to the appropriate party.

League of SWMO Board of Directors, 2019-20


President: Marge Bramer

Vice President: Ruthie Walker

Secretary: Jane Earnhart

Treasurer: Bev Reichert, Hue-Ping Chin


Director: Katie Gilbert (term expires 2020)

Director: Randy Hoops (2020)

Director: Teresa Pope (2020)

Director: Jill Smull (term expires 2021)

Director: Julie Steiger (2021)

Director: Suzanne Walker-Pacheco (2021)

Director: Margery West (2021)

Membership: Ilga Vise and Kelly Wood

State Board Reps (ex-officio): Marjorie Bramer, Joan Gentry

Board of Directors 2019-20

Marge Bramer and Elaine Weiss

"League president Marge Bramer greets Elaine Weiss, author of the highly-acclaimed book The Woman's Hour on Sept. 19, 2019."