Making Democracy Work

Board Members

2015 - 2016 Board Members

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Executive Board, Term expires
Co-President: Leslie Carrier & Kelly Wood 2016
Vice President: Debbie Good, 2016
Secretary: Mary Martin, 2017
Treasurer: Cathy Hukill, 2016

Board Members:
Lolita Albers, Mary Byrne, Belinda Pearson, Kay Chaudhri, Beverly McCormick, Lorraine Sandstrom

Committee Chairs:
Membership: Ilga Vise and Angie Snyder
Program and Unit Liaison: Debbie Good
Unit Leaders: Diane Davidson, Angie Snyder, Dot Powell, Ilga Vise

Action Cluster:
Legislative Action: TBA
Voter Service: TBA
Communication/Publicity Cluster:
Radio Program: Leslie Carrier
Publicity: TBA
Mental Health Study: Maggie Castrey, Lisa Hall, Joye Norris
Newsletter and Social Media: Aimee Nichols
Webmaster: Belinda Pearson