Two topics for January unit meetings

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It’s a new year and time for League unit meetings. Our January unit meetings will have a two part agenda:  Information sharing on the national League study on “Privatization” and our Program Planning for determining League studies. Choose a unit meeting that best matches your schedule:

Monday, Jan. 16, 5:30 p.m. at Cafe Roswitha, 2640 S. Glenstone (north end of Brentwood Center).   Order dinner if you wish. RSVP to unit leader Lois Woods:

Tuesday, Jan. 17, noon, Hoblitt Room, Freeman Panhellenic Hall, Drury University. Panhellenic Hall is located just east of Findlay Student Center. Park just across Summit Street. Purchase lunch if you wish at Findlay Student Center cafeteria. RSVP to unit co-leader Ilga Vise:


State League board secretary (and our local League’s immediate past president) Cindy Stephens will present an overview of the privatization study so we can determine the interest level of our local League in participating in the study this spring.

Privatization is a movement to deregulate private industry and transfer many government services, assets and functions to the private sector. Included in the discussion: defense, postal service, charter schools, prisons and air-traffic control. Read more so you can come to the unit meeting with questions. Here’s an executive summary:

Whether our League participates or not, the study will go on in other Leagues across the nation.


The second portion of the meeting, facilitated by President Allison Cash, will be our annual Program Planning. This is when our local League can make recommendations about our current positions and about what issues should be studied. Program planning is a key component to our grassroots organization.

We use this process each January to determine issues for study in Southwest Missouri and, every other year, to decide studies on the national level, too.

To get program planning off to a good start: Look over our local positions, found in your membership booklet, as well as the National League’s list of positions, available at Take some time prior to unit meetings to consider what issues you want to suggest and discuss.

Begin thinking about possible issues not covered by current positions. Evaluate possible issues by asking:

o Is there widespread member interest in the issue?

o Is this a timely issue?

o Is government action the most effective way to address the problem?


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