LWV Today: April 2012 newsletter of the League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri

LWV Today ~ Newsletter of League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri ~ April 2012

Voice your opinion on privatization of government services at April unit meetings

It’s now time to take consensus on the national League study on the privatization of government services. The purpose of this study is to identify policies and parameters that should be considered when any governmental entity is planning to undertake some type of privatization process.

Choose a unit that best fits your schedule.

–Monday, April 16, 5:30 p.m. at Cafe Roswitha, 2640 S. Glenstone (north end of Brentwood Center).   Order dinner if you wish. RSVP to unit leader Lois Woods: llw1903@yahoo.com

–Tuesday, April 17, noon, Freeman Panhellenic Hall, Drury University. Panhellenic Hall is located just east of Findlay Student Center. Park just across Summit Street. Purchase lunch if you wish at Findlay Student Center cafeteria next door. RSVP to unit co-leader Ilga Vise: ivise@drury.edu

Before the meeting, review the consensus questions found here:


Our most important meeting of the year

 Annual Meeting of the League of Southwest Missouri

Monday, May 14

5:30 pm social time

6 pm dinner

Trustees’ Science Center, Drury University

$15 per person

(Payable to your unit leader in April, or mail to

PO Box 3036, Springfield MO 65808-3036)

$20 per person after May 9

Make check to LWV

Here’s what’s on the agenda for Annual Meeting:

  • Discussion of proposed new study: petition initiative process
  • Election of officers
  • Adoption of 2012-13 budget
  • Report from LWV  State Council by LWVMO President Lois Detrick, and Cindy Stephens, LWVMO secretary, both members of LWV of Southwest Missouri
  • Committee sign-up for new and established League projects
  • Updates: Summer Sounding Board, Women Changing Government (and more)

Bring a potential League member, spouse or friend!


  • Artichoke grilled chicken
  • Oven-roasted potatoes
  • Fresh grilled vegetables
  • Tossed green salad
  • Dinner rolls
  • Selection of pies

Proposed Slate of Officer and Directors

President         Allison Cash, term ends 5/13

VP                   Jean Bardy, term ends 5/13

Secretary         Mary Martin, term ends 5/13

Treasurer          Sharon Matti, term ends 5/14

Directors, terms ending 5/14

Maggie Castrey

Ilga Vise

Joye Norris

Directors elected in 2011, terms ending 5/13

Marcia Bonwell

Gail Melgren

Dot Powell

Nominating Committee for 2013-14

Lois Detrick, Chair, Diane Davidson, Ann Elwell, plus one member appointed by Board

A sincere Thank You to directors whose terms are expiring:  Diane Davidson,  Cassie Duckett, Fran Harris and Susan Rubino.

–Submitted by 2012 Nominating Committee: Diane Davidson, Lois Detrick, Gail Melgren and Cindy Stephens

Board recommends local study on initiative petition process

At Annual Meeting, League members will consider a study of the initiative petition process recommended by the Board of Directors. The suggestion for the study was submitted by members during program planning at February unit meetings.

Springfield City Council members and city leaders are examining stricter guidelines for the initiative petition on the heels of February’s e-verify vote and a second vote coming in June dealing with a repeal of Springfield’s smoking ban. The latter is to do away with a ban approved just a year ago by the petition process. In 2011, two petitions made it to Springfield ballots.

To be considered:

  • How many signatures should be required to place a measure on the ballot?
  • Should sponsors of an initiative petition drive be required to be citizens of the city, county or region affected by the petition?
  • What about local petitions that conflict with state or federal law or contain provisions that are illegal?
  • Should the individuals and groups funding the petition drive be required to be identified?
  • How does the cost of the election impact the process?

As reporter Amos Bridges explained in the Springfield News-Leader (April 3, 2012), “Currently, a petition must be signed by a number of registered Springfield voters equal to 10 percent of the number that voted in the most recent municipal election. Low voter turnout in recent years has allowed petitions to succeed with as few as 1,181 signatures.” Some have suggested increasing the requirement to 10 percent of all registered voters, or about 11,000 people.

Non-recommended study topics

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