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About the League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri

The League of Women Voters of Southwest Missouri is a nonpartisan political organization dedicated to active citizen participation in democracy. One of the most trusted and respected organizations in our community, the League is a force for change, shaping the important issues that keep our communities strong. We’re a grassroots organization of women and men age 18 or over, working to make democracy work.

Many people know us for our work with voter registration. We’ve empowered millions of voters to protect their right to vote. We make sure all voices are heard and all votes are counted. But this is only one of our initiatives.

We educate citizens on the issues affecting us today, from health care and taxes to fair courts and open government. Our candidate and issue forums are known for their fairness and efficiency.

We advocate our positions with lawmakers in local, state and federal government. As an organization, we study issues from all sides and, only after thorough dialogue, arrive at a position. Our advocacy is based on this strength.

We take action by initiating citizen-led drives and projects, publishing Voters Guides and joining forces with partner organizations.

The League believes that sensible civic discourse and action based on substance rather than partisanship is essential for civic improvement.

The League of Southwest Missouri is part of a national organization that was formed in 1920 by the national suffrage movement.

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